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Photon to plate; A holistic view of photosynthetic and anthropogenic energy fluxes.

Did you know that plant inefficiencies dissipate 80X more energy than all the energy that humans use to plant, cultivate, harvest, transport and prepare an order of french fries?
HE Roney, BJ Walker

Food and Energy Security, e348 (2021)
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The metabolic origins of non-photorespiratory CO2 release during photosynthesis; a metabolic flux analysis

The metabolic origin of respiration in the light is not clear. Here is our first paper using metabolic flux analysis to show that it is NOT from the TCA cycle
Y Xu, X Fu, TD Sharkey, Y Shachar-Hill, BJ Walker

Plant Physiology 186 (1), 297-314 (2021)
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Flexibility in the energy balancing network of photosynthesis enables safe operation under changing environmental conditions

Energy production during photorespiration has to be balanced by energy consumption from metabolism…but how does that happen?
BJ Walker, DM Kramer, N Fisher, X Fu

Plants 9 (3), 301 (2020)

The costs of photorespiration to food production now and in the future

Photorespiration has a huge impact on crop productivity
BJ Walker, A VanLoocke, CJ Bernacchi, DR Ort

Annual Review of Plant Biology 67, 107-129 (2016)

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The Walker lab is supported by numerous individual and group grants through the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. Specifically…

Collaborative Research: Improving plant productivity and models of carbon exchange by resolving mechanisms of excess carbon release in photorespiration
NSF-IOS, current

Collaborative Research: Investigating the Role of Cytosolic One-carbon Metabolism in Photorespiration
NSF-MCB, current

Photosynthetic Energy Capture, Conversion and Storage: From Fundamental Mechanisms to Modular Engineering
DOE-BES, Core Plant Research Laboratory Grant, Current

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
DOE-BER, Current


Donald R Ort, Paul F South and Berkley Walker
Plants With Increased Photorespiration Efficiency
PCT/NL20-20/050797 (2018)