Berkley Walker

Assistant professor, started August 2018

PhD, with Asaph Cousins, Washington State University
Postdoc with Don Ort, University of Illinois/USDA-ARS
Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship with Andreas Weber
Likes science, adventures and learning something new | twitter

Binod Basyal

Postdoc, started May 2020

Ph.D. in Biology
B.Sc in Agriculture from Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Loves Michigan summer, the Great Lakes, good food and soccer | twitter

Sarah Davis

Undergrad Researcher

Xinyu Fu

Postdoctoral Scholar, started June 2019

Ph.D. in Biology
PhD, Iowa State University
Interested in metabolomics and modeling | twitter

Max Harman

Grad Student, started Feb 2023

Kelem Gashu

Postdoc, started Oct 2021

PhD, with Aaron Fait, Bengurion University of the Negev, Israel
Interested in plant Physiology and metabolism | twitter

Luke Gregory

Graduate Student, started August 2020

BS in Biology (minors in Chemistry and Leadership Studies) at Slippery Rock University
Likes quaint coffee shops and diner food, bowling with friends, and heading back to Pennsylvania to visit family | twitter

Audrey Johnson

Lab Manager

B.S. from University of Michigan, M.S. work at Eastern Michigan University
Enjoys the great outdoors, music, and crafts

Veronica Pargulski

Undergad Student Started 2023

Ludmila Roze

Research Scientist

Stephanie Schmiege

Postdoctoral Scholar co-advised by Tom Sharkey and Danielle Way at Western University, Ontario Canada

PhD, with Kevin Griffin, Columbia University and Dennis Stevenson, New York Botanical Garden
Enjoys hiking, canoeing, and painting

Kate Scott

Undergrad Student, started August 2022

Kaila Smith

Graduate Student, started August 2020

BS in Biological Sciences with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics from DePaul University
I am obsessed with my dog Potato

Anne Steensma

Graduate Student co-advised by Yair Shachar-Hill, started February 2022

BA in Biological Chemistry (minor in Statistics) from Grinnell College

Dez Strand

Postdoctoral researcher, started January 2022

PhD, Michigan State University, USA

Mauricio Tejera

GLBRC Keegstra Fellow - postdoctoral researcher, started March 2019

PhD, with , Iowa State University, USA
MSc and BSc, with Valentin Picasso , Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
Fascinated by the perenniality of plants and how they fool death | twitter


Heather Roney

Laboratory Technician, started March 2021

Bachelor of Science, at MSU
Likes research on climate change, solving problems, and camping.

Arif Ahmed

Role: Postdoc
Currently at Curia

Han Bao

Role: Postdoc
Currently at ThermoFisher Scientific

Matt Morency

Role: Undergrad Researcher and Technician
Currently a cultivation assistant at Holistic Industries

Aikaari Ryce

Laboratory Technician, started February 2022